Who was it in 2013?


Benson High School Host: Joel Machiela, LMS April 5, 2013 2pm 8th period Benson High School Auditorium Finalists:  1st  Cherilynn Brown 12,  2nd   Theo Nguyen  11, 3rd  Kahlea Casanova-fish 11; Alts: Alzae Goldsby, 10, Bo McDermid, 9

Cleveland High School Host: Bryan Smith, LMS  April 15, 2013  7:00 Finalists: 1st Joe Cullen 12, 2nd  Jess Faunt 12, 3rd Maya Tims 12

Franklin High School Hosts SJ Childs, Jan Donald,LMS April 17 6:30 Franklin Library Finalists: 1st Janet Webster 9,  2nd Olivia Wilk 10; 3rd  Arianna Jacobs 10; Alts: Sam Burnett 11 and Ellie Gentry 9

Grant High School Host Paige Battle, LMS April 11  2013 7:00 Grant Library Finalists: 1st Lillie Lovatt , 2nd Sydney Oliver , 3rd McLeod Sumner ; Alts: Sun Richter, Alexa Zeryck

Jefferson High School Hosts Nicole Newman, LMS and Andy Kulak April 16 2013 4:00 Finalists 1st Kelsie Turner 12,  2nd Lauren Steele 10, 3rd Sekai Edwards 9;  Alts:  Savanna Carter, Marquisha X

Lincoln High School Hosts Tracy Russell, LMS & Jenny Owen  April 10, 2013 3:30 Room 169 Lincoln High Finalists: 1st   McKinley Rodriguez  11, 2nd  Mai O’Neill  9, 3rd  Sage Smiley 11; Alts: Annika Hansteen Izora

MLC High School  Kiva Liljequist, Stephen Lambert, LMS April 18, 2013 7:00 Literary Arts Finalists: 1st Ke’Shayla Brow 12, 2nd Megan Kender 10, 3rd Zoe Senner 11; Alts: Amber Kovin  10

Madison High School Host Nancy Sullivan, LMS April 9, 2013 6:30 Madison Library Finalists: 1st Micah Fletcher 112nd Phoenix Adagio 12,  3rd Isabella Murray 11; Alts: Isabella Trent 10, Matilda Thomas 09

Roosevelt High School  Hosts: Betsy Tighe, teacher-librarian & Charlotte Muzzi, Writing Center Coordinator April 3, 2013 at 6:00 Finalists: 1st Alexandra Hull , 2nd Jocelyn Loyd, 3rd  Rakiyah Perry; Alts: Seini Kini Kini 

Wilson High School Host Linda Campillo, LMS April 4 2013 2:30 Auditorium Finalists: 1st Gus Coats 12 ,  2nd Vincent Campbell 12, 3rd Gillian Bergmann 10 ; Alt: Cody Stanton 10


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